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How To Register As A Seller On Martlaces

To Register As A seller On, Go to link
Scroll down and Select an account package

Fill a registration info which includes;

  • Username: The name you desire to display as sellers name.
  • Store name: Once inputted, you will see if it’s available or already taken.
  • Address: The specific location your business is situated.
  • Postcode: The postcode of the state you reside in click on the register button and select a payment method issues premium or platinum package.
  • Click on the register button and receive a notification as registration awaits approval.

Steps On How To Setup Your Store Space

On your store approval you’d receive a mail click on the link and you’ll be redirected to your store space or use link, enter your username or email address and the password used when registering for your store.

1. Click on dashboard and a page would show up. To set up your store click on the settings tab from here you can change:

2. Your store name, Your store email, Your store Phone number, You can put up a store logo(your store logo),Your store banner type(either is static image, a slider or a video), Your mobile banner and put up a shop description to describe more about your shop. Set up your store name position(either on Banner or at Header).

3. You can equally hide your email, phone number, address, map position, about and policies from your store. But it’s recommended to show your About and Policies on your store space to get viewers get to know your store more. Set up your location using the location tab and include a verified location on the Google map.

4. Choose a mode of withdrawal of your profits (money),Set up the shipping module for your store by:

  • Enabling shipping (if it’s a physical product)
  • Check the shipping processing time (Note: Should not exceed 1 to 2 business days)

5. Set-up the shipping type by selecting shipping by country. Set-up your store shipping price (the starting shipping price for any product in your store is the shipping fee for any of your product) You can equally offer free shipping by inputting free shipping in the box.

6. Enable your local pickup and include a local pickup cost (this is in reference to return policy),input each States shipping cost by clicking on the plus (+) icon to add any state you’d want to ship to and add the cost for shipping to those states.

7. Set up your store SEO (search engine optimization) this is to allow search engines easily show up your store to product searchers. To do this, input a SEO title based on what your store is all about, add a small description(meta description), add related keywords of what you sell on your store(meta keywords), Set up your Facebook area by inputting your personal store Facebook page title as well as the description and your personal Facebook page image. Do same for Twitter (if you have or leave blank).

8. Add your store policies by clicking on the store policy tab and inputting store policies in the policy tab space and then inputting your required store policies which includes the Shipping policy, Refund policy, Returns policy (This polices covers all products in your store. Note: Your store policies should not contradict the general policy to avoid store ban, Check martlaces policies before setting your store policies or better leave blank as general policies has you covered.

9. Customize your customer support space and set up your store operating hours. After your store setup, you save your settings. To view your store as a visitor, click on the “My store” at the top left of your store dashboard.

10. To change your membership plan, Click on the membership tab and click on change or upgrade your current membership plan.

Steps On How To List A Product

To list a product click on the add new tab, Choose if its a simple/downloadable (digital) product or a variable product.

A Simple product is a product with no different color, size, shape or any varying scheme but requires shipping.

A Variable product: Its a product that requires to specify its different sizes, colors, shape and other varying scheme and also requires shipping.

Downloadable/Digital products: Are products that does not require variations and shipping.

How To List A Simple/Digital Product

  • To list a Simple products, Simply enter the product Title, Short description and main description.
  • Product image for desktop and mobile, products sale price and real price.
  • Choose a category for the product and the shipping time to ship the item. 
  • To List Downloadable products:
  • Select simple, tick the downloadable box [], put up the digital products title, price, short description and main description, the product image and choose digital category for the product only.
  • You can as well set an upsell or cross-sell, add SEO content and product policies. Note: if a category of a product you wish to sale is not listed, send a mail to the support team and they will help rectify that.

How To List A Variable Products

  • To list a Variable products, Simply input products tittle, short description, main description.
  • Set up attributes from the existing attributes or add an attribute for your products, after adding and saving your attributes, it will show up in your variation and you can set different price for any color, size, etc. you’ve set up in the attributes tab.
  • You can equally setup an upsell (a related product from your store a customer see it after purchasing a particular product) or cross sell (a product that appears to customers showing similar attributes to the already product the customer wants to purchase).
  • Set up SEO by entering a focus keyword so search engines can show it up to buyers and also add a meta description.
  • State your store policies if you wish.

How To Make Up Other Settings

Here are other settings to take note of on your store space.

  1. See your order numbers from the orders tab.
  2. Create a coupon for your customers by clicking on add new, enter your desired code, add descriptions(optional), the discount type (either percentage discount or fixed products discount) _Recommended: percentage discount and enter the discount percent you wish and equally add an expiry date (if non leave blank)tick the free shipping if you want to offer the coupon users a free shipping and tick show on store (if you desire to show the coupon code on your store).
  3. Uploaded images appear in media area, add articles to a related product by clicking on add new.
  4. Customers tab: To show people who purchase from your store.
  5. Refund tab: To show customers who requested a refund on your store.
  6. Add to my store: To automatically add products listed from another vendors product list to your store and you can customize the price (but you must possess the products yourself i.e. you must have the product in your warehouse and so you can add product in bulk or individually).
  7. Payments tab: To show the payment you’ve received from your store.
  8. Reports tab: To know about the reports on your store and you can equally print it out.
  9. Reviews tab: Shows the product reviews given on your store.
  10. Logout: You can log out using log out tab.
  11. From the right upper section you can receive notifications from store admin and easily send a direct message to store group(admin) by clicking on notification board.
  12. The enquiry board shows the enquiry message people wants to know about on your store and you can easily reply them from the enquiry board.
  13. Announcement tab helps you know the new updates on martlaces.
  14. knowledgebase shows guidelines for users which is same as the training page.