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Help & Support

Order Info

We always recommend contacting the seller directly with enquiries about products, orders, deliveries and returns as they’ll be able to advise you best.

Before contacting the seller, we’d advise you to check out their storefront as this may answer your question quicker. To do this, click their name on the product page where it says ‘Sold By’ underneath the product title, or in the ‘Compare Sellers’ table further down the page.

When your order is confirmed,you'll receive an email confirmation and once your order is shipped we'll update you with an email.

Please note: while your order is expected to get to you within the date given but reconsider that there may be a delay in traffic and so you can contact the seller from your account dashboard or reach out to us via..... Explain about your order and we'll respond as swift as possible.

It's possible that you might change your mind and decide to cancel your order and to do that login to your orders page from your dashboard locate your order and click on the cancel button and give reason to help us make your shopping experience better and you can write additional comments to the seller.

This should be done within 10-30 minutes of making such order but if it has exceeded the 30 minutes then you can view our returns policy page to know how to process product returns.

Please note: it's not always possible to cancel an order for example if its been dispatched and so in this case you can only see to our return policy.

If you have an issue with your product you can contact the seller you ordered from directly they'll be able to advise.

To do this go back to your account and view the product you shop for and from these you can reach out to the seller.

In any case, you receive an item that is faulty, damaged, or not as described and the seller seems not to resolve your issue, kindly take pictures of the products as it is and send to us via contact us and as well make a refund within the refund policy date scheme and we'll refund you on receiving the image and description of the image(s).

Please note: We are a marketplace and we connect buyers to sellers and in no way would we promote injustice bother to the buyers and sellers.

You're shopping on martlaces a Nigeria marketplace not a retailer that so we connect buyers and sellers together.

And so any order you make is made from the seller but we only ensure you had the best shopping experience as we'd always be ready to help if you have any issue while shopping on martlaces and also we have provided you with the secure payment gateways.

Yes, all your details as re safe and that's why we partnered with the best two secure online payment gateway that is ready to secure your card details.

Please note: On no account should you send anyone either on martlaces or not your card expiry date and CVV number only the first six digits and last four digits are needed if need be.

Account Info

You can make a martlaces account by going to the my account page and click on register.

Simply fill out the form and click ‘Register’. Alternatively, simply place your first order - you'll create an account during checkout.

With an martlaces account, you’ll be able to:

*Manage your information (email address, delivery addresses, password).

*Place orders quickly and seamlessly.

*Check the status of your order.

*Contact the seller.
Leave product and seller reviews

If you wish to have your OnBuy account deleted, please get in touch with us in one of the following ways: via the 'Contact Us' page or through Facebook or Instagram. We’ll be sorry to see you go!

At the bottom of applicable emails, you can select 'Click here to Unsubscribe'
Martlaces takes customer data protection very seriously and we take the appropriate precautions to keep your personal details safe and secure.Your payment details are handled and protected by our payment providers. Every transaction you make through martlaces is protected with data encryption and monitored to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft.
We want to help make it easy for you to find and buy what you need. You can look for the product you want by using the search bar at the top of every page or via the drop-down menu to the left of the search bar. You can also shop by categories Once you’ve found a product you’d like to buy, simply click the ‘Add To Cart’ button on the product page. Then click either the ‘Go To Checkout’ button in the pop-up window or the basket icon in the top-right corner.Enter your email address then your delivery details. If you don’t have an account, you’ll create one at this stage by confirming your email address and entering a password. At the last stage of checkout, you can review your order before you pay.When you’re ready to pay, click either the PayPal button or paystack.Once you’ve paid, that’s it! We’ll confirm your order via email and let you know when the seller dispatches it, so just sit back, relax and wait for your order to arrive. Don’t forget to review us and let others know you enjoyed your shopping experience.
The seller. We’re an online marketplace and don’t sell our own products (just our sellers' products), so we always recommend contacting the seller with any product queries as they’re the ones who know their products best. We wanted to make it easy for you to contact our sellers, so there are several ways to do it: On the product page, click on the seller’s name above the price and then click the ‘Ask a Question’ button If there are multiple sellers, you can scroll down to the 'Compare Sellers' table and click ‘Ask a Question’ below the name of your preferred seller If you’re browsing the seller’s shop, click on ‘Details’ at the top and ‘Do you have a question?’ You’ll then be asked to log in to your martlaces account and a box will pop up where you can type your question to the seller.

Delivery Info

We're online marketplace and don't sell our own products (just our sellers)
So delivery times and destinations can differ from each seller.

Our sellers have the ability to set customized delivery templates and the locations they choose will depend on the courier and services they have access to.

As martlaces is an online marketplace that connects you with thousands of sellers, delivery costs will vary depending on the seller you order from.

To understand more visit our shipping and delivery page

Martlaces is an online marketplace with thousands of sellers who set their own delivery costs and times.

This means that your order may have multiple delivery costs or different delivery times if you are purchasing from either one seller or more than one seller.

Also, sellers may offer faster delivery on particular items that are ready to ship from their warehouse while some items may not be available for faster delivery which means that your order may end up with different times.

Payment Info

Martlaces is an online marketplace we connect buyers with sellers which means you place your order with the seller.

We never handle your money, payments are withheld till your product has gotten to you and then the seller receives the money immediately.

Yes on monthly basis we offer discount codes and this will be sent to your email(that's if you signed up for our newsletter)and we also offer free shipping and product giveaways to our regular customers which comes mostly in festive seasons.

Please note: Discount codes cannot be used on all items sometimes and so ones we send you a discount code we'll direct you on how to use it and also when it will expire

If you cancel an order within 30 minutes of placing it you'd receive the refund in less than 48hours but if it more than 30 minutes then you need to see our return policy as the order might have been shipped.