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The History Behind Our Online Shopping Mall

Martlaces all started with a simple shopping experience for best deal products through our marketing team and were exhausted after browsing through endless stores that all had the same premise - overpriced products that lacked quality and the items were the same month after month. In 2018, The martlaces group decided to open our own store where sellers can display their quality products manufactured by themselves and so buyers can get direct quality product without searching endlessly for any. We resort that we should offer new products every week, make it affordable and on trend." Over the years, martlaces group heart has never changed - to keep changing the world, one product at a time. Our goal is to make every experience just that; an experience, not just "shopping". Whether that's online or in store, we hope you enjoy the "Quality and Reliable products"you see while shopping with us.

about us

What is martlaces?

We’re an online marketplace and we launched in 2019 and are now the fastest-growing marketplace in Nigeria. Not Sure?

We saw what other major marketplaces offered and then martlaces group came up with the idea to improve in this-so we did!.

We created a more transparent marketplace that offers good deals to buyers and equally promotes the independent sellers. By this act, for the buyers, we offer lots of discounts, monthly deals, free coupons, and some more premium offers and also to the sellers we offer premium services such as a free dashboard to manage, display and sell their products conveniently on which the can decide to make a product listing and other services like drive traffic to their store(if they wish to but we take up that task). By doing this we can offer you all the same advantages as the leading marketplace but in a new way that benefits everyone.

As we aim to be fair and transparent we don’t compete with our sellers by selling anything ourselves and we never will.

We’re here to connect buyers like you with thousands of trained and professional business sellers(and vice versa) to bring you a secure shopping experience.

How does martlaces work?

We work on three concepts- BBR.


Browse you most wanted product, compare price between sellers, and make a choice.

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Buy by proceeding with payments that are securely processed by either PayPal or Paystack and eligible orders are backed up by buyer protection.


Reviewing your order gives you the chance to subscribe to our monthly deals and coupon and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive whooping discounts.

Why should I shop/sell on martlaces?

Monthly deals that guarantee low prices and even more savings.

Secure payment gateway for your shopping experience.

We allow only verified reviews for orders.

Provides a free dashboard for sellers to display their products with comfort.

High marketing platform for physical products

Support a Nigerian business-martlaces.com.

How Safe Is Martlaces?


Our merchants are experts, so you realize you’re purchasing from a set up of organization or sole dealer instead of a person. You can peruse surveys of our venders and their items to assist you with settling on an educated choice about your buy.

We collaborated with Rave and paystack, the world-driving secure payment gateways to offer you expanded security and assurance when utilizing martlaces.

Your cash and individual subtleties are remained careful: each exchange you make on martlaces will be ensured with serious information encryption and subject to exhaustive security checks to forestall misrepresentation, email phishing and wholesale fraud. Rave or Paystack safely hold your cash until your thing is dispatched – and that is not all!

You can shop with all significant credit and check cards through Rave or Paystack, and qualified requests are supported by giving you included security and genuine feelings of serenity.

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